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Values and Mission.

We are committed to operating with the best standards and practices, maintaining excellence through respect, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of our operations, with stakeholders and clients alike.

Our mission is to provide unique and professional services with appropriate resources to our customer's realizing their needs are based on continuous changing of environmental, technological, political, economic and social factors.

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We draw on years of successful marketing and business consulting services in the Global Travel and Hospitality Industry , assisting clients in identifying and capturing new markets in Europe and worldwide for their products and services through market research & market analysis, Technology and business strategy development, direct marketing and sales.

Our international marketing capabilities include a world-wide network of associates supplying best of breed in research as well as multilateral technology development projects, supporting global service delivery opportunities.

We assist our customers in the identification of Global teaming partners, including mergers and acquisitions and we provide hands on services such as problem-solving, budget monitoring , legislation and program status issues and foreign ownership issues.

Ultimately, accurate and timely response to our clients is both our goal and our commitment. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Capture strategies and development services

Travel and Telecom business and solution development service provide a full range of successful marketing, business and technology advisoring services and capture strategies in the following areas



  • .Acquisitions
  • .Industrial Teaming
  • .Technology Transfer and Licensing
  • .Technology & strategic innovation
  • .Technology research, development and implementation
  • .Commercial Contracting


  • .Content aggregation ,reservation systems, distribution channels strategies
  • .KPI implementation and feed back analysis
  • .Destination change management and business development
  • .eCommerce strategic planning and execution
  • .Digital marketing design and implementation
  • .Dynamic packaging platforms includingYield Management and price optimization
  • .Social Media and Viral Marketing planning and implementation

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